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PFY in the Media


By Briana Bonfiglio                                                        June 15, 2022

    "VBLI, a local volleyball organization that holds tournaments year round, held its very-first Grass Volleyball PrideFest and fundraised for PFY, formerly known as Pride for Youth, on June 11. The inaugural event brought out 186 players and raised $5,000 for the nonprofit organization, a division of the Long Island Crisis Center that serves LGBTQ+ community members from youth through age 45..."

By Rafael Cruvinel and Jane Montalto                                       July 12, 2022

   "“School is a setting for people to learn, grow and discover themselves,” said Maria Demauro, the community mobilization coordinator at PFY, an LGBT advocacy group on Long Island. “Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported at school, and this new policy is a great start.”... “A chosen name is, quite literally, your name by choice. When you respect someone’s chosen name, you are respecting them as a human being. You are respecting them as an autonomous person who is the expert of their own experience.”..."

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By Robert Brodsky                                       June 1, 2022

   "Aiden Kaplan, LGBTQ Services Manager for Pride for Youth in Bellmore, said the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade could have cascading implications...“It has the potential to take the progress that has been achieved for LGBTQ rights back decades,” Kaplan said. “In moments like this … we try to remind the community that organizations like PFY are still around and safe spaces are still around. That there is affirmation and support that exist on Long Island and throughout the country.”..."

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