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Hey Influencers...

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Looking for a side-hustle where you can flex your social skills, connect with your friends, and create positive change? Look no further, we got you!

Despite having a higher risk for HIV/STIs, less than  7% of LGBTQ+ youth have ever been tested for HIV. Connect your friends, peers, and others, to HIV testing and both you and your connections will rack up incentives.

Step in and step up with a network of other Recruiters. Take control over your life. Take care of our community. Letssss GOOOO!

For more info fill out the interest form below or reach out to Dervis Pulgar, Sexual Health Manager at or call 516-679-9000 Ext. 29. 

Connect with us!

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PFY Staff member will reach out to you within the next 3 - 5 business days!

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